Saturday, August 01, 2015

farmcat added to gene pool

American Curl kittens gene pool. 

Unregistered cats are brought into the small breeding pool to keep it healthy.  The unregistered cat will add "suvival of the fittest genes " where breeding out to a pedigree cat from another breed might add the faulty genes bred over and over into that breed.  This does not suggest that pedigree cats have a lot of defects, but it is always good to bring in new genes for a wider gene pool where the breed started with one cat.
Here is our new queen.  The older queens have been bred back into the genepool, new blood was needed.  I imported a new stud but he had my bloodlines in already, we had to act.
We are so happy with the results.  Great success.  Lovely and healthy kittens.  The American Curl lines were healthy, but now we know they will remain so.
 Her litter was a great success.
and they are even prettier grown up.  The straight ear Americancurl cats/kittens are lovely and the best news is that these kittens had the calm friendly disposition popular in the American Curl breed.  The kitten above and photo below.
A special thank you to human mom for the photo.
American curl breed kittens and cats are indoor cats.
This breed is highly recommended as a city cat and pet for children or grown-ups of any age.
They do not mind indoors. Actually they do not bother to go outside and if they happen to be outside I have not seen one taking any notice of birds or insects other than stepping out of the way.  They are not afraid at all as they had no hunting in mind, they are just polite.
Here is a photo of a kitten I sold few years ago. Very happy in a good home.  The kittens play non stop but they do not play rough in a way that they would knock down and break a vase or something.

Jackie adopted this tortie-point girl photo below.  The girl could not go to a better home, thank you Jackie.

This is what she( the cat girl) thinks of an insect.
awww cute.  Let it go the family is waiting.

These are kittens from our old lines.  The queens have retired from breeding.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kids and kittens often enjoy the cheapest toys.

Somebody is in for a surprise!!
I could not resist that comment as that was exactly what happened.  The kitten crept out slowly but jumped straight up in the air when he suddenly saw the top kitten.
Those were the old days where films had to be developed for a photo.  In modern times we can just keep on "clicking".  Nice!