Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where is the pudding?

A balanced diet is always important. The right food is even more vital for fast growing kittens. Mom would have brought a mouse, grasshopper or bird, but we are far away from natural foods for our pets.

We do not feed dried foods to the kittens. At least they get a chance to eat some fresh foods before their taste buds are jazzed up by taste enhanced foods with added this-that and some more. I have been feeding "fresh only" after the last scare with pets dying from dried food, but with summer heat and flies coming up, I will have to put down some dried food during the day for the cat mom and feed the main fresh meal in the late evening when it is cooler. Fortunately we can buy a South African brand with SA ingredients. (10655 bytes)

Where is the pudding? (13983 bytes)

'I did not get any pudding'.

' I told you I can not eat three portions of food and have space for pudding. I
promised to help Lovely first.' (10104 bytes)

'Can I have pudding now please, my plate is empty.'


Anonymous said...

Oh how adorable the kitties are. I'm glad to hear you feed primarily fresh food. I do too since the pet food scare, and I think my pets are all better off for it.

ericat said...

Thank you for the comment wildcatsthree, I feel a bit down tonight, they left today to go to their permanent families. That is always the difficult part in breeding kittens.
Feeding home made meals is not all that much work. I cook for 3-4 days and freeze in portions. I do not trust raw food in fear of germs, but I will agree it could be healthier than cooked.

Ewa said...

ow! what a sweet blog is this. I discovered yesterday your aloe garden blog, which seemed beautiful to me. This one is also very interesting. I will go through it more carefully next time I visit.
and yes, I will be delighted if you link my cat posts.

Naomi said...

What cute kitties! And your site is as "sweet" as ever. :-)

Julie said...

Are these the cutest kitties in the universe??? YES!!!

Linda G. said...

Love those blue eyes!
I found your story of the gobby and the shrimp very interesting. Creature behavior is fascinating, and to think they took turns cleaning the nest!

Anonymous said...

Cuuuute :)
Got some furrballs of my own too, chech out the photos of the little ones at