Saturday, December 01, 2007

Feline and human look-alike poll. It is amazing how much a cat or dog can look like the human who love and care for them.
Whatever the complicated theories may be as to the "why and where" is not important, all that matter is the love between owner and pet.

It has been a long time that I was so frustrated with a blog. All I wanted was a poll for fun - a few photos and a poll script.... It was easy enough on the web site, but it does not fit into this blog. If anybody knows where I could get a horizontal poll please let me know. The vertical poll takes up way too much space and then it skips a large open space as well. I spent the afternoon searching for a script, but I just do not find the right one.

I have the poll on my blog web site for anybody who would like to play.
Which feline and human " look alike" photo do you like best.

Andree.jpg (14781 bytes)

A Andree with Tashe

Yan..jpg (9962 bytes)

B Yan with Créme

Anne.jpg (10775 bytes)

C Anne with Son

Gail.jpg (17872 bytes)

D Gail with Paitoon

Gernes.jpg (13747 bytes)

E Gernes with Kruloor

Ian.jpg (11608 bytes)

F Ian with LittleStar

Julia.jpg (14414 bytes)

G Julia with Luneo

Petro.jpg (17347 bytes)

H Petro with Toyger

Else.jpg (16333 bytes)

I Else with Sanda Not a cat! Says who?


Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

so many look-alikes, but I voted for "D" on your web site. Very cute pics.