Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rough play or kisses 

the bull terrier enjoys it all.

We raised our kids with bull terriers and our grand children are raised by bull terriers too. But any dog is the best playmate a kid can get and the pooch will see to it that the kid gets enough exercise to boot.
This is Petro enjoying Patch.  Patch was still a puppy.

Small warning. These dogs are excellent hunters.
No other pets are safe unless raised together and even there is taking a chance.
An over-weight sluggish bull terrier can catch a pigeon
- think about it - other pets should take care.

Now the trampoline. What's keeping you ?!

If Petro should fall and break a leg, what will the difference between Patch and Lassie be?

Lassie will run and fetch a phone,
Patch will grab Petro and pull her to the phone.

Rough, tough and loving, that is the bull-terrier.

Petro fits right in!  A very tough little girl.  It takes some muscle to handle a solid bullterrier like that.

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Anonymous said...

Het is altijd fijn voor kinderen om samen met huisdieren op te groeien !!

Hoe is het met jou ?? Alles goed ??

Lieve groetjes van Thea