Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cats Biting. - Not play biting, where kittens did not learn how to bite softly, or the kitten learned that it pays to bite just that little harder than he should to get what he wants.
Cats biting like in attacking
Cats do not like to defend or attack with their teeth. Those thin canine teeth are worth a lot in catching pray for food. Life depends on it. The cat does not want to break a tooth.
Cats fight mainly by a cick and ripping with the hind claws.
Now as to domesticated cats, they have learned complicated ways to talk with their not so intelligent human companions. If you want to be treated well by your cat then you must remember the cat will restrain itself from biting, but there is a line that you should not cross.

... let me point it out to you. Do not cross this line.

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R.J.Keller said...

Great blog!!
My wife and I look at our home as one that we share with our baby. Our baby is our 11 year old cat and believe me she runs this home. This picture could be of our Buttons for she is always doing things like that. Your other articles also fit her well.
All cat lovers would really like this blog.
Great Job!