Saturday, February 03, 2007

Camouflage is necessary here. There is a jungle out there in our aloe garden, do not go there alone after dark. Teamwork is needed to watch the front and the back.

We always found that it was easy not to see the cat in the garden, but on these photos it became obvious to us that the dog could disappear too. Not that he stands still long enough for us to realize it if we did not see it on the photo.

How about a game, Find the cat. Not that the dog helps much to make the game interesting for us.

By the way that yellow secret radio transmitter next to the dog is a tape measure. We wanted to measure the flower stalk of the grass aloe. It is necessary to wait until the sun goes down to take the photo of the aloe as the sun and shade make a very ugly blotchy photo. Darkness is setting in, so photo time for the aloe was over. Even without darkness with these two in and out of the everything it was difficult to take a Plant photo - not an action photo - please guys play around the next tree.

Find the dog. The cat is more of a sport by pretending not to see the dog
The dog is not registered but she is an English Foxhound. Note those huge lungs. I understand they outlast 3 horses. Well she outlast quite a number of cats. However she is suppose to be a watch-dog but if she barks it is a funny howl ah-ooooo and people passing by who do not know her have a good laugh. We hope the burglars will laugh and forget what they came for. ;-D

It is never necessary to cut off the tail of any dog in any breed. Please think about it - Can we change that cruel habit in the new milenium?

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I wish they would stop cutting the tails off of dogs and also ear cropping in this country, the USA is backward in many areas when it comes to pets.