Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Knot sleeping. Cats can sleep in awkward positions. Here are a few such knot sleepers.
Cats can sleep any time if it is warm, soft and cozy - or even if it is not warm etc. Rumor has it that they sleep longer than they are awake. I have never bothered to time them, but as I find them more often asleep than awake, it could be true for daytime, at night I do not know.
This Cornish Rex neuter boy knotting with himself. If you happened to notice the difference in his coat, there are a few months between the photos, the coat difference is summer and winter.

When two cats bond it is for life. The bond is usually between friends, nothing to do with the sexes. On the photo above are two Siamese neutered brothers, a sealpoint and a chocolatepoint.

An American Curl and a calico pet enjoying sleeping  together.

The cat and dog works out very well.

They are not siblings but they made friends for a lifetime.

For the busy moms it is not sleeping and not knot sleeping.The moms like to raise the kids together. It has advantages in nature as there will always be a mom with the kittens. When the kittens are small the two moms (can be more) lie on both sides with the kittens protected in the middle. This is more a family bond as the females live together even after the kittens are raised but they sleep in a group not quite so knotted together - their concern is for the kids not each other.
On the photo is an American Curl momcat above left and the sealpoint Siamese momcat in
the middle with nine kittens between them.

Eat your heart out Garfield

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Hello Eurica
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