Friday, April 20, 2007

cats dreaming What would a city cat dream about if the cat never had the experience of stalking a mouse?

Cats make the best out of life no matter the situation, so here is my guess as to the dreams of cats. That includes farm cats. Stalking mice is not all that exciting to dreaming about. (29685 bytes)

A horrible nightmare will be stranded in a dark fig tree 1500 cm above ground level.

On the other hand, that ghastly experience creates an opportunity to share the experience with ecstatic fans while entertaining them with some background music.

Now that is a dream worth having. (49605 bytes)

The Siamese would want a more elaborate dream. (27670 bytes)

Music lessons with mom - not very exciting

With friends at midnight - now you're talking. (33414 bytes)

Fine so far girls, but when will the studs arrive.


ericat said...

Oh dear!! there was a comment and I accidently deleted it. I am so sorry. Please will you post again or at least know that it was nothing personal - just stupid a stupid mistake on my side.

Radio said...

i loved your orchestra!

Julie said...

I am loving all your blogs!!! Very fun and informative. Great photos! Thanks...

ericat said...

thank you Julie. I went to your site to see your miniature succulent gardens. They are very nice. that is prettier than a flower arrangement anytime!