Sunday, June 17, 2007

The American Curl cat is a new breed with healthy "survival of the fittest" genes and therefore the American Curl kittens have a strong immune system. It is up to the humans to select healthy cats as breeders to keep the American Curl breed strong.

Breeding for perfect American Curl ears and show quality cats are very difficult. Exactly how the curl ear is inherited is not clear. Supreme America Curl parents may give pet quality kittens and a cat with a bad American Curl ear may give supreme kittens. (16595 bytes)

The American Curl cat may have short , medium or long hair. These felines are
easy to groom, healthy, friendly and not neurotic. (35978 bytes)

This tortoiseshell-tabbypoint girl is gorgeous. Her sire is Grand International Champion Samoa Gem's El Donna Evita Kenzo. She enjoys a life in Namaqualand running through the dirt and climbing trees - she would be a doll bathed and brushed sitting on a pillow, but her answer was " ". (32712 bytes)

The American Curl cat on the photo above right is a medium hair girl Siriuksen Candy, bred in Finland by the Siriuksen cattery (photo by her owner Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen). Our stud Grand Champion Samoa Gem's Sarcenet Enigma on the photo left is the sire of her parent. (45426 bytes)

Photo above: Thank you to Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen. This is Siriuksen Candy's liter.

Stunning kittens! (14142 bytes)

Our American Curl cats are not afraid of water and they do not hunt. Those are concepts that they do not understand at all. They love all creaturers including bugs but especialy humans, other cats and

american.curl.kitten.puppy.jpg (33603 bytes)
a dog is the best pal.

Note how the kitten plays without nails showing.

for more photos see the Samoa Gems web site

A very special reminder to myself and fellow American Curl breeders - Breeding out to unregistered cats while it is still permitted is very important, as healthy lines for the future depends on what breeders do now.

cat1.jpg (15683 bytes)
has achieved a National Breed/Race Award for the 2006-2007 Show Season in Canada.
Thank you to Aleida of the Petitspaws cattery for taking such good care of him and going that extra length to show him.


Vita said...

What is Rescue Remedy?

ericat said...

Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic remedy(meant for humans). That was recommended to me so often that I had to try it and as cat breeder I will not be without it. It is 100% safe for cats and kittens. It is excellent for a cat that is ill or in shock. A kitten gets an upset stomach easy when it starts eating food. It will become dehydrated very quickly, shock will set in and the kidneys are very sensitive. R.R. keeps the kitten calm and at least drinking water enstead of giving up. This is a wonderful remedy in stress related situations.

Gazard7 said...

The siamese cat is too cute, i love its nose!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have never seen a cat like this. Exquisite.

"Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

Anonymous said...

I came right back to this photo. What a beautiful and lion-cat this is. Exquisitely unique.