Saturday, July 28, 2007

A wedding party for Mr. andMrs. Feline.

This is one of the happy ever after weddings.
Come to think of it, I have not seen a feline wedding which had a bad ending.

There are more photos and on my website.

The groom with his exquisite bride (14943 bytes)

The caterers deliver the refreshments. Only the best. (22034 bytes)

The baby-sitter arrived and everybody is ready to go except Grandma who can not remember where she put her jewels. (30021 bytes)

The feline party (34737 bytes)

The CoolCat brothers' band with non-stop entertainment and dancing (9389 bytes)

..and you put your left foot out... dim the lights ...yeaah ..

The next morning (18033 bytes)

Switch off that sun.. How did I get here? Where is my car.

quiet pleassse ..... I do not do mornings.

There are more photos on my website


Anonymous said...

I loved it! The cat with kittens are so cute!

Gazulin said...

Nice place, i have a cat and it´s so wounderfull.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Eurica! Came to check your blog :-)
Stumbled upon the great photos I like d so much. "The next morning" guy on the left is funny :-)
I definitely want to start my own cats blog.