Wednesday, September 05, 2007

cattitude goes with all cats, but the Siamese cat have developed it into a fine art. Other cats may tell you to "Leave a message and I will get back to you.." but a Siamese do not bother to read nor listen to their messages.

william.kitten.jpg (10038 bytes)

The Siamese temperament tend to be either - loving, social, intelligent and hyperactive
or neurotic, independent, intelligent and hyperactive.
Few Siamese are overly social, but if they are they end up being "stolen" under the misunderstanding that the cat is lost and looking for a home. People are usually put off by an extremely skittish or shy Siamese kitten, but they are not really a problem. The kitten will form a very tight bond with only one person and never wander away. In fact that kitten will never get lost, run over in traffic or killed by the neighbor's dog. However those kittens are very sensitive and if you can not bond with the little one, both you and the kitten will be unhappy. (8349 bytes)

By the way - those ears are for private use by the kitten only. They seldom listen to anything they do not want to hear. (17802 bytes) (8684 bytes)

Do you think you could cram any more attitude into one photograph? Mr. in the front as you can see is fit and healthy. Mrs. behind standing in her usual authoritative manner.


Photo and mail from Steve who adopted these two a year ago.

Thank you Steve for the update and photo. Eurica

There are more photos on my website


Starbuck and Torrey said...

You have some great photos! Lots of attitude and so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eurica,
just recognized that your last post starts from the "cattitude" :-))) LOL!!! Probably overlooked this last time.

I've never thought of such a great word!! When I was after a domain name for my cat blog I considered "", but that was taken by some smart guy.

I like cattitude and your cats.