Saturday, March 15, 2008

Precious Kittens and their new homes. 

It is emotionally difficult to let the little kittens go into the rest of their lives with strangers. No matter how clever you may think you are, it is not possible to know for sure how this little kitten will be treated.

In one instance I felt happy for the kitten up to the point when the new mom took the kitten to leave. She carried the kitten in her hands away from her body like a parcel. When I saw that I was very worried but I could not think of a reason to cancel at that point. I phoned a few days later to ask if all was well with the kitten and this person could not stop talking about what the cute kitten was doing. I did some spying there to be sure, but she really adored that kitten.
Seems she was just not the hugging type.
First impressions can be wrong the other way round as well. A person may coo and love the kitten like a baby and forget about him after the novelty has worn off.
Some instances the person do not have experience and something the kitten do will be perceived in the wrong way. This may result in complete misunderstanding and aversion towards the kitten. Most of the time - 99% - it is easy corrected. Contact the breeder the internet or e-mail me if the kitten "misbehave"..

Once when a couple came to take their kitten home I found out that the woman feared cats. My thought was "What about this kitten, will he have to live outside?" . She said: "No- do not think that!"
Her husband loved cats and he missed a cat since they were married (more than ten years). She was the one who decided he may have a cat she will do her best to avoid direct contact with the cat. After a while I could see that husband and wife were two very nice people and it was pleasant to be in the company of two people who are loving as well good friends towards each other. When he picked up the kitten she waited, he moved the kitten into one arm and she went to the other side. I felt the kitten will be fine and I hoped this kitten will get her new mom over her fear.
One incident stands out - Two little Siamese kitten boys were friends from the time they started moving around. One was beautiful but the most neurotic introvert of the litter and the other was an easy going extrovert boy. It seldom happens that people buy two kittens, but it happened in this case and it was ideal to let them go together.

A few days later I had a phone call from the kittens' new mom and she told me in a hushed voice that her husband will ask me to take the shy kitten back and please do not do it. Soon after this call he phoned and told me in no uncertain terms that I should put that kitten down (kill it) and not sell a kitten like that.
The kittens were bought for two kids who now both shared the other kitten. The shy kitten found a loose place in the lining at the back of the sofa and he was hiding inside the sofa all the time. I told the husband to let the kitten settle down. Be patient kitty will find his friend in the family. When I refused to take the kitten back the husband was furious. That night I could not sleep as I was worried that he would kill the kitten.
The next morning after he left for work the new mom phoned and explained her love for this kitten. Every morning when husband left for work and the kids were off to school the kitten will crawl out of hiding. Then she would make a nice breakfast for them both. The kitten followed her from room to room as she did her daily chores, and disappeared as soon as somebody else entered the house. Two soul mates bonded in their private world.

Now and then in the same litter there may be a neurotic fearful kitten and an overly friendly dumb kitten who does not know the word "fear" exist.
The temperament or character of the rest of the litter will fall somewhere between these two extremes. The fearful kitten will lead a life of hell in the wrong hands, but if the little kitten bond it adores that one person and it will be for life. The friendly kitten loves the world everything and everybody. A very easy kitten to own and always there for whoever needs (or rather can give) a hug. Now the warning - these friendly kittens get stolen too easy. The friendly little ones should wear a badge: "I work for hugs, if you want loyalty I will fetch my brother".
Fortunately like humans most kittens are in-between the extremes and like humans no two kittens are the same in character and it seems there is a match for every one.
Feel free to add your experiences selling or buying kittens.


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Thoughts said...

It is so true that first impressions can be wrong. I have volunteered at shelters and people who seem loving and caring when they adopt the kittens come back 7-9 months later when they're big and say it just wasnt working out. In reality, the "cute kitten novelty" has worn off and the poor cat gets surrendered and probably thinks it did something wrong. Its so sad.


Doggil said...

I like your blog it has a lot of cool things.

God bless

industrialpoppy said...

I have had similar experiences -adopting the cat that everyone said.."oh, don't get that one"! All of my cats have blossomed into extraordinary cherished members of my family. You can never tell-they must get a chance to come into their own under a loving eye. Great post.