Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rudi's cat brought this little bantam chick for us as a xmas gift on the 24th December 2008 ..

I would not like to think what this chick's thoughts were when she realised that she was caught by the cat, but the cat brought her without  a scratch as a gift to me.  It turned out completely different for the chicken, as what should/could have happened. My wish to you is that your problems would have the same happy results in the new year 

Some times you need a miracle ..
but most of the time .... no matter what stupid situation humans may get you into, make the most of it.

10 January 2009

Our little bantam chick is growing a mile a minute. She more than doubled her size in three weeks but she is still small and light, compared to other foul. She is now in the "ugly" half-feathered stage. We would love to keep her but with the cats, bullterrier and foxhound she will have to remain in a chicken pen and that is not available or fun for anybody. We already found a home with other bantams for her.

The bantams have been roaming free on the farm opposite our home for something like a century or more. Very few survive all the feral cats, house cats, dogs and humans looking for a meal.
The cocks are beautiful with long curving glossy feathers draped over the tail feathers ranging in color
from bright golden yellow - orange - dark red, as well as the glowing neck feathers. There are many more cocks than hens.
They seem to survive better by sleeping high in trees where the cats, dogs and humans can not catch them as easy as the small hen when she is brooding.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Erica, wat is dat voor een vogel ??
Is hij gevangen door je poes ??
Hoe is het intussen bij jullie.
Hier is het erg koud, en er ligt een laag sneeuw. Bbrrrrrrr....maar je kunt er wel leuke foto's van maken.

Lieve groetjes van Thea

ericat said...

Dit is 'n klein hoendertjie. Bantam, ons noem hulle kapokkies. Ja Rudi se kat bring altyd vir ons lewendige kos meestal streepmuise, dan laat ons hulle weer vry. Die kuiken sal nie vir homself kan sorg nie, so ons moes help. Dit is goed hoe die kat baie klein diertjies kan vang sonder om hulle seer te maak. Die kuikentjie het geen bytmerk nie.
Ja die sneeu fotos is pragtig. Woestyn fotos is ook mooi maar nie so mooi soos die sneeu nie. In albei gevalle is die natuur baie ongenaakbaar teenoor ons mense.