Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some exceptionally interesting cat-people

I would like you to meet. Japie Pienaar, his wife Magda and their four legged children.

 Magda will introduce the lovable four :-
"Initially the cheetah was called Nancy but it changed to Jolie (the people who bottle fed her from birth called her Angelina Jolie !)
The German Shepherd is named Frankie (The first photo we received of him showed a blue reflection in his eyes from the handlers' clothes, which reminded my husband of Frank Sinatra, Ol' blue eyes!).

The Siamese is called Anix (named after a friend, Anika, who organised him for us), although mostly we call him 'The white one' (die witte).The Pug is just called Boelie."

Their farm is situated in the central Free State 20km fromWesselsbron, South Africa. A portion of the farm is a naturereserve and is also a working argicultural farm as well as a working Arabian horse stud farm
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There is a self catering camp next to the river in the game area with a vehicle to do game drives. Game includes various antelope, buffalo, rhino and hippo as well as lots of birds (200+ species) and fish in the river.

Brakfontein private nature reserve.

Contact detail: Magda Tel. (+27) 057 899 2426
I can see what goes on in that buffalo's mind while he is chewing on the straw. He is just itching for a scuffle with the cheetah.

However, before you get too excited to sleep, keep the words "action, cat and sleep" in mind. Like in the first
photo.... but not quite.

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