Saturday, March 28, 2009

cheetah games

cheetah games in the trees

Magda wrote:-
"Japie bought the cheetah at an auction near Bloemfontein and we plan to keep her as a pet.
Nature conservation had a lot of specifications for the fence, size of the yard, and we had to present
a managing plan. A permit was issued, which has to be renewed yearly. We have joined the SA
Cheetah Breeders/Owners Association."

"It was quite a handful to introduce all of them: the young German Shepherd (8 mnths), the Cheetah (3 months), the Siamese kitten (2 months) and the Pug (old).The kitten and the pug were easy, but I kept the other two apart.
They were allowed to see each other through the glass sliding doors and after two weeks it
was easy to bring them physically together.
The cheetah and the German Shepherd chases each other on the lawn, so it saves me a lot of energy to exersize them (I am 59 years old!)."

"The moment the little Siamese goes out of the house to play in the garden (normally at sunset),
he has the full attention of both. The dog (playfully) puts his whole mouth around his little body and
the cheetah tackles him.(It amazes me that the Siamese tolerates it, and does not make use of the trees to escape). After a while the dog gets bored, and the two cats wander off to play in the garden.

"Sometimes at night it is quite a challenge to get the Siamese back into the house, but most of the time he is eager to be back."

Last one down is a kitten.


Teri and her Stylish Cats said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and let me send my sympathy for the loss of your Curl momcat. Losing her must have been very traumatic like that, and fortunately you had another queen with milk.

You have lots of work ahead of you getting them to thrive, yes. Things can go bad very quickly, and this is the first litter I have had since I started blogging and it does make me a little anxious to post stories on kittens so young and then be so unfortunate as to lose one.

But the blogging community has been very supportive and kind and I enjoy that. I enjoy looking at your blog, also the aloe blog, very interesting and beautiful. The cheetah was a surprise, with all the pets, seems scary to me, something very foreign. I would fear for their lives.

Thanks again for stopping by and leaving kind words.

ericat said...

Thank you for your interesting input. I recommend that you take a quick look at the tame Kudu on the Namibia blogThe cheetah is a softy. It is build for speed and not for fighting. In Namibia, when a cheetah hunts on a farm the farmers trap them. The cheetah will pretend to be aggressive but the farmer just gives him a slap in the face and the cheetah behaves. The trapped cheetahs are never killed and always turned over to nature conservation who release them away from the farms.

However I agree that the cheetah can kill the cat with one bite, but so can the dogs. Besides the cheetah is too finicky what it bites to bite a cat (eeeyuk).

South Africa and Namibia are very strict about keeping wild animals. I was so annoyed in Namibia, the people eat the hedgehog, but we are not allowed to keep one as a pet. Very few hedgehogs left in nature there. Anyway - The cheetah is unfortunately on it's last leg in nature. That is why in South Africa, any kittens found where the mother died, are raised and given out to nature reserves.

I need to go and feed kitten-babies.

C. JoyBell C. said...

wwwoooooowwwww!!!! MY childhood dream! To have a pet big cat!!! So happy to see that someone else is living it!!! Bravo to them!!! :) :)