Sunday, April 26, 2009

Career cat - key cutter and shoe repair. 

By removing all kinds of vermin the cats have been working for man since they joined our society some 4000 +years ago. The cats performed their duties from farms to the post office wherever they were needed.
Now in modern times cats has many other duties as well.
Mostly as a companion and relieving stress in our lives, but there are other career cats too. They may hunt to feed
themselves but most of the time their services pay for their food. There is such a career cat in Malmesbury, RSA. Working in the shop every day without fail.

The owner Trevor busy cutting keys and repairing shoes while you wait.

Always friendly, she is respected as one of the personnel.

Meet the very special career cat. Her formal name is O.P.
She will be on the counter ready to welcome clients, every day.
She can come and go as she please, but she is at her post on the counter. 
This small neat workshop is situated down in the basement at the car park of the shopping centre in Malmesbury.

Thank you.. It was a pleasure.


C. JoyBell C. said...

aaaawwwww....what a hardworking kitty.... :)) I want a hardworking kitty, of my own! One to cook for me!! hee hee hee!!! :)))

Chiranjib said...

I love cats... so it was a pleasant surprise to find out this blog... keep posting :)