Saturday, November 28, 2009

Angels who will stop at a roadside to help an animal  -

No matter the time, where they were
going or how bad the animal was hurt.

The poem is to Carol from Vervie the chocolate point kitten.

Below is Jonathan's account what happened.
There was an Angel named Carol
Who found me lying, bleeding next to a barrel 
Those dogs got me well, I was so close to hell
And from out of nowhere you came
To rescue my name
I will love you for ever, like I do a dove’s feather
I owe you my life
Come trouble and strife
Thank you Carol!
you are my savior, my hero

24 November 2009

Jonathan's account what happened.

We had major drama with one of our little kitties earlier in the week . . . . Vervie, the choc-point!
The little shit went walkabouts on his own down the road and was very badly attacked by a dog or
possibly even two dogs. He did not come home that night and in making my frantic calls to all the
vets in the morning, thanks to the microchip, what a fucking great idea that was!!! I got a call from
the Animal Hospital in Kenilworth to say that they had our baby and that he was not in a good way!

Suffice to say, at around 10pm the night before, an angel was driving to visit a friend of hers who lives
down our street and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a little white cat lying in the gutter,  motionless on the side of the road. She thought he was dead. She stopped her car, rushed out
and she could not believe, with all the blood lost that he was still alive! She rushed him all the way to Kenilworth where they gave him emergency treatment for severe bite wounds to his hind quarters and around his genitals. He had also been bitten in the face and had two badly fractured teeth and a bruised eye.
Poor Johan! I fell in love with the man all over again seeing the pain he went through to see his little baby in such a terrible state!
The little kitty was so badly bitten at the back that he could not stand up and his back legs just gave way when he tried to. We thought that he had a broken pelvis!
Thanks to our vet’s TLC and X-rays, all the little bones are intact and all she could find was just a lot of gas around the joints and clearly massive bruising from the trauma!

Johan slept on the bathroom floor with the kitty for three nights.
Kitty is well on the mend now albeit that the wounds are still saturating and praise the Lord,
he is walking again ! 
Small miracles!

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