Saturday, May 06, 2006

Understand your feline friends by learning the body lanuage of cats.

It might be best to start at the tail. That is the part of the body that the cat seems to used most in body language.

A broad sweep of the tail symbolize annoyance or impatience. A rapid sweeping of the tail back and forth suggests an extreme agitation in your cat. Extending it's bristled tail upwards with a curved back signals a conflick with another cat or animal. Body held low, ears to the back and tail extended indicates attack. Lowering it's tail between the legs shows obedience and submission. A tail raised straight upright with the tip slightly relaxed indicates that your cat is in a friendly mood and wants to play. A slight twitching of the tail while your cat is lying down near you shows that the cat wants to be with you.

Kneading with both paws on a person or soft surface is a sign of contentment, affection or both.

It is a mystery why a cat would run away from a cat loving guest and choose to sit on the lap of the one person who does not like cats. Showing off ? Teasing ? Trying to win the person over?

So maybe we humans need 9 lives to puzzle that one out.

Meet the cats

You do not expect me to actually lift that tail do you ?


Anonymous said...

Now that is one beautiful cat! You came to my site so I'm here to check yours out. I love these kitties! Yes that is a cat on my page... he was a 1.5lb rescue... now 20lb. Come back I'll post some more of my big bug!

Babeth said...

Our cats grew up with a huge German Sherpherd in the house, they were there for her entertainment when we humans went working. The dog saw the cats as her puppies and treated them accordingly.
Sadly she passed away last thursday and the cats are left without their "mommy" now. Especially Zorro, The Cat Who Once Barked, misses her a lot.

Why a cat would evade a cat-lover ? Because the cat-lover would stare longingly or appreciatingly at the cat. Cats hate stares because that indicates imminent hostility amongst their kind. If you really want the cat come to you, don't look at it. ;-)

Kind regards,
Babeth from the House of Chaos