Saturday, June 17, 2006

may your friendship be like cat and dog

Cats and dogs can become the best of friends. Their friendship is without strings attached - they are absolutely devoted to each other.

How would you like to have a friend who watch your back and are there for you twenty-four/ seven !? A friend who love and adore you without ever doubting your intentions.

Keeping pets are as popular as always. In this world of concrete and machinery, we do need the warmth and contact of our pets.

There is a small problem in modern times as the pet would have to be alone while the owners or owner is working. The best solution is to get two pets. I suggest a dog and a cat as pets, and not two dogs or two cats. For the reasons that the dog does not feel the need to fight for attention and the top-dog position against another dog (he knows where he stands with the cat). And on the other hand unlike two cats together, the dog will not follow the cat up your curtains, so the cat will not bother to run alone, that will save wear and tear on the furniture. The pets will be perfectly happy and so will you.

do not worry mom, he just had a little oopsy on my foot, nothing serious.

This is true. Momcat is cleaning the foot of the dog after baby.....

Just thinking :- What about a parrot ... maybe not. That bird can kill the cat.

By the way, these two were great friends, but they do not sleep together and have that real close friendship that the pets above enjoy... and the parrot had this ambition to close the cage door on the cat.

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