Saturday, October 14, 2006

the thought counts

It is easy to congratulate somebody on a special day via e-mail or e-cards on internet sites. Even if the reminder is automatic, it is still the thought that counts. Buying a card and sending it via snail-mail needs more effort and are usually more appreciated. Then there are the self-made cards! Now that I do appreciate over 100% especially if it is from a grandchild.

Else (in her early teens) made some free cat graphics for anybody who wants to make some hand made cards or decorate a website or blog. The cat graphics are fast loading and will not slow down the website. For hand-made cards she suggested that the pics could be printed out, add some glitter, ribbons or beads to make a card or use it to decorate the room. See my silkworm blog for more ways to decorate hand made cards.

Feel free to use the images. It would be nice to let Else know you enjoyed it.
Please send me a short note and I will forward it to her. My contact is
euricat at replace the "at" with the "at"
@ sign. I do hope that no robot can read that. Why are there spammers?
- because people buy from them. If I may ask, open a new window and type in the name of the product instead of buying directly through the spammer. Ideal would be not to buy any product which permit spammers - but that is asking too much or not ??

Back to our graphics. There are some more on my website.


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eastcoastlife said...

Hello from Singapore! I just want to say that the cats are pretty. I would like to use some of them for my art projects. Thanks to Else.
Best wishes.