Thursday, June 04, 2015

Samoa Gem's American Curl Cat females

quality Siamese and American Curl kittens 
The curl  ear of the American Curl cat is the main attraction of this cat breed.
These are the American Curl females we are breeding at the moment.  We have been breeding with two girls most of the time, and the plan is to bring in one or two more females and red tabby and tortoishell.
We bred mainly with this line but many moggies have been tried in-between and most were bred only once.  One very good characteristic was constant in all the kittens, no matter how bad the ears turned out, the kittens were always very friendly and loving.   Most people who saw one  of the American Curls at a friend did not care what the ears look like, they just want the temperament.  
Samoa Gems Hoolycat

Katya baby kitten
 nearly 6 months old 

Our next queen.  She is at the moment a little princess. This girl is very lively and simply enjoys human attention.  Her kittens would be very good pets.  Important is that she is also healthy without allergies 

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