Monday, October 23, 2006

you have to go WOWWW

Kambi is a young Kudu doe at home on the Elisenheim guest farm outside Windhoek, Namibia. It is very interesting to visit the web site for more information and to see the farm.

As you can see on these happy photos all the animals are in top
condition. Loved and cared for by people who have warm hearts for animals and people.

Cats form a bond with horses which is a win situation all round when the cats keep vermin away while they get an easy meal catching the rats and mice that come to feed with the horses. However it seems that the cats formed an even stronger bond with the Kudu doe. Kambi is much more exciting than the horses, it could be because she shares the cats' interests in watching the human beings.

Kambi&Mümme (69134 bytes)

With a "good morning" from Kambi and her cat friends every day is a good day.
What a lovely scene to start the day with.

Photo above: Kudu doe Kambi with her cat friend Mummel

Photo below: Kambi with cat friend Peet

Kambi&Peet(73208 bytes)

Kambi&Eule (56943 bytes)

Kambi must have extra charm as she is so popular with cats and dogs that she does not have a moment, day or night, where she is alone - that is not even including her human friends

Kambi&Teddy  (55707 bytes)

Kambi the Kudu doe never sleeps alone.

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