Sunday, October 29, 2006

cats can read

The secret is out, cats can read.

I wrote the blog last Friday 13 October. Today 20 October I caught the cat sitting next to this vase exactly like I wanted him to sit next to the proteas. He must have read the blog!
I tried to take a photo of my cat next to a vase with proteas in my aloe blog ( on Aloe haemanthifolia high in the mountain with the lovely proteas). It was so frustrating to get the cat to sit next to the vase. Eventualy the photo below was the best I could do after I gave up getting the cat next to the vase and took the vase to floor next to the cat - which cat would have expected otherwise?

and here is the pose I so desperately wanted for the aloe & protea blog last week.

That is obviously not a flower in the vase but the empty seedpods of the lily, Boophane disticha. The lily grows an inflorescens with a ball of flowers on the end which falls off when the seeds are ripe. click for a photo of the lily (unfortunately not in bloom, but it is a lovely plant ). This is a very efficient way to distribute the seeds as the seeds fall out when the feather light ball tumbles along. As can be seen on the photo below, the ball is loose on the stalk which I put in the vase. It balanced perfectly, even turning when a gust of wind caught it. - until the cat sat next to it and bumped it off. No harm done, it is no problem to put it back on the stalk and I did want a photo !
Next time I get protea flowers I will put them in the vase on the fridge in the kitchen, maybe the cat will treat me by posing again.

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